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Paletados Franchise

One full of Successes and Opportunities

You are looking for a stable business model with high quality products that are liked by the general public and a brand that the public can trust,

Paletados is your solution, turn a business opportunity and turn it into a lifestyle.


Why Paletados? because more people every day know our product and approve it as one of the best, something that should not surprise them since each of our products are made with strict quality standards, prepared with consistency in the same way as they have been made. from day one.

We use products from Puerto Rico to the extent that the fruit is grown in the country, we do not use artificial colors or flavors.

Trabajamos incansablemente para brindar una experiencia de calidad y servicio único a todos nuestros clientes. ¡Únete a nuestra familia de Paletados y forma parte de nuestro crecimiento!




and Projections

We plan to expand our brand throughout Puerto Rico to become a leader in the pallet market through the innovation of artisan products and great talents of those who work in our stores.




What's Included in the Cost


With the initial investment, you practically do not have to worry about almost anything, we make the basic plan of the interior of the business once the franchisee determines the place and has the approval of the company, in addition, the graphic design of the interior and exterior is created. , we provide all the necessary equipment to start the business,  As for example the refrigerators, both those in the showcase that are specialized and the storage refrigerators, the counters, the utensils, the packaging, the products, the toppings, the syrops, the pallets, we explain the operational logistics  the stores, and we take care of the opening promotional videos, promotion on social networks.


Franquicias y Aperturas

Franquicias y Aperturas

Franquicias y Aperturas
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Unete a la familia de Paletados

Unete a la familia de Paletados

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Trayectoria de Paletados

Trayectoria de Paletados

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Celebremos la primera franquicia de muchas

Celebremos la primera franquicia de muchas

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Franchise Application

If you are looking for a rewarding opportunity and have the qualifications, drive and commitment to open your own Paletados franchise, your first step is to apply today. Submit your information below and we will contact you if there is an option for you with Paletados®.

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