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Boutique Store

Taste that melts!

Our history and training began in a paletería located in Aguada, Puerto Rico, founded in 2017. We started at a young age through many trips and culinary experiences from which we learned a lot about European and Latin American cultures. It is with these experiences that the love for artisan palettes arises. Our approach is to make each palette with a unique and special flavor using fresh ingredients from our island for all people and ages.

Since then our Paletados family has worked tirelessly to bring a unique experience of quality and service to all of our clients. The growth of our company has been unmatched and we are sure that our stores will fill all our customers around the island with joy and flavor.


The Pallet Factory

We create with love

After traveling the world, this couple of visionaries and entrepreneurs decided to collect culinary experiences and ideas inspired by their travels, especially in Europe and Latin America, creating this innovative gastronomic concept. "Our approach is to make each shoulder with a unique and special flavor, using fresh ingredients from our island for all people and ages," says Zuleimaris Soto.

They are so confident in their products that they open their doors in one of the most complex economic times on the island. “We are aware that using fresh ingredients, combined with an attention to detail, we will make our palettes a unique pleasure. And an experience that they want to repeat over and over again with family and friends ”, says Lemuel Pérez.

Our factory is always on the lookout for trends and flavors for recurring creations that only in Paletados can you taste. Our latest creations have been a success, achieving the recognition of these flavors in all its stores by all its followers.

Do not think that here we only serve a public, we also have options without sugar, ketogenic, fruit and the best known flavors on the market.  Our stuffed popsicles are created with our unique filling recipe, so that when you bite into them, it is only pure flavor with the best texture for your taste.  

Discover and share the PALETADOS experience, something sweet and new, made especially for you.

PALETADOS artisan palettes are created to satisfy the most demanding palate and permanently surprise them with new flavors and textures that create new experiences to taste.

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