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Boutique Store

Taste that melts!

Our story began in 2017, when Lemuel Perez and Zuleimari Soto, inspired by their culinary and cultural experiences, decided to open an Popsicle ice cream shop in Aguada, Puerto Rico. From the beginning, they focused on creating the highest quality artisan popsicles, using only natural ingredients and unique recipes that blend traditional and modern flavors.


Customer acceptance was immediate and thanks to the quality and flavor of the popsicles, we soon grew and our customers made us one of the fastest growing companies on the island, offering franchises for those who wanted to join the Paletados family.

Today, we continue to innovate with new flavors and textures. From fresh fruit popsicles like Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, and Strawberry Kiwi, to sweet popsicles like Oreo, Cameo, Nutella, Snicker, Ferrero, Tiramisu, and Coffee.

Each popsicle is a unique artisan creation, offering customers a different and exciting tasting experience. Our stuffed popsicles are a unique experience for the palate. We make the filling with an exclusive recipe that gives the popsicles a smooth and creamy texture,  we also offer sugar free, keto and fruity options with no added sugar for those looking for healthier options. While fresh and natural ingredients ensure an unmatched flavor.


At Paletados, we are committed to continuing to innovate and offer new and exciting popsicle options for our customers. Come and discover the unique experience of Paletados!


The Popsicle Factory

We create with love

In our factory located in Aguada, Puerto Rico, we receive fresh fruits from different parts of the island such as coconut, lemon, tamarind, melon, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and soursop. It is in our Flavor Laboratory where our creative chefs create the most exotic, flavorful recipes with the perfect texture for each artisan palette we create.

Thanks to our hi technology, at Paletados we can offer the best prices in America for our artisanal popsicles without compromising the quality of our ingredients. From our more classic fruit options to our indulgent options like the Oreo, Ferrero, Nutella, and New York Cheesecake popsicle, each of our popsicles is made with fresh, natural ingredients to ensure the best taste and texture experience.

At Paletados, we are committed to quality and innovation at each stage of the creation of our artisan paletas, from the selection of ingredients to the production process and the final presentation. Come and discover the magic behind each of our handmade popsicles at our factory in Aguada today!

Today Paletados cover a large part of the island  with stores in Aguada, Mayaguez Mall, Mayaguez Town Center, Plaza del Norte Hatillo, Plaza Davison in Levittown, Bayamón Victory Shopping Center and Corozal in Terranova Plaza.

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