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Carrito Alquiler de Paletados

Private activities

We are Paletados Leading pallet store in Puerto Rico. We offer an incredible experience to the palate with unbeatable flavors, that is why we want to offer you the option that you take Paletados to the soul of the party or your activity.  Rent our cart and let us sweeten your party with our artisan popsicles. Take a look at the photos of some of our activities. Contact us if you need more information.

Sweeten your private activity with the Palette Paddle Cart, so you can take your guests by hand, an unforgettable surprise, of great taste and quality of flavor. Variety of popsicles and toppings so that you can choose to your liking, two hours of full service so that your event, be it birthdays, weddings, private activity, is a success and one to never forget.


Topping Station for Rental

Rental station with capacity for 6 Toppings, 1 Syrop and a high-performance refrigerator to keep the popsicles frozen and that can be transported anywhere. 

This station has the capacity to carry hard chocolate (Hot Chocolate) for an additional cost. 

Activities Quote

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Servir Paletas

La cotización que entran de domingo a jueves suelen demorar de 1 hora hasta 16 horas en recibir respuesta.


Las que entran viernes después de las 5 pm y sábado pueden demorarse de 24 horas a 48 horas. 

Siempre va a recibir una respuesta oficial en esos terminos. 

found raising tittle

Raise money in a healthy share, in a fun and safe way, while you sweeten your palate.  


Fundraising is exclusive for Graduating Classes, Non-profit Organizations or verifiable charitable activities.

Information: 787.400.1889

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