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Amo Paletados

Welcome to Paletados!

Come and live an experience of unique flavor

We are the most fun ice cream shop on the market. Here you will find a great selection of more than 40 flavors of artisan popsicles and 18 "toppings" with a lot of flavor. We make your visit a unique experience where sharing with all your family and friends in a fun environment is our priority.

Our popsicles are designed to fill your palate with flavor and our "topping bar" will let you take all your creativity to the fullest with our unique concept of making your creative palette.

We know that we all have different tastes and needs, for this reason our popsicles have options: Sugar-free, Ketogenic, Stuffed, fruit, among others.  

Come and share a popsicle with the ones you love the most.

a Donde ir en Puerto Rico? o que hacer en Puerto Rico? La respues es Paletados. Vive la experiencia y sabores únicos, con productos hechos en Puerto Rico. Pruebalos. 

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Creative Popsicles

Take your creativity to the maximum

In Paletados you can choose between 40 different flavors and make your "Creative Popsicle" to measure, Choose the popsicle of your preference and bathe it in chocolate, add syrops and  toppings for a possibility of up to 18,000 possible combinations. Stop by any of our stores and create yours today.

Lleva tú creatividad al máximo

!Pase por nuestro Topping Bar
y comience a crear! 

Ilustracion de Corazones


6 Flavors

At Paletados, we know how to satisfy your ice cream cravings, from classic popsicles to new and tempting Mango, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Piña Colada, Oreo, and Nutella Frappes.

Come and discover why we are the favorite destination for lovers of delicious flavors and frozen fun.

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Boutique de Peletas

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Carrito Paletas para Alquiler
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Rental Cart

For private activities

Your activity has to be different and Paletados does it for you. Bring the experience of a paletería to your activity with our exclusive cart, in this way you will make your guests fall in love, you will give them an unforgettable surprise of great taste, quality and flavor. We carry the concept of the creative palette with our variety of toppings so that you can choose to your liking.

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